Ethereum è una piattaforma decentralizzata del Web 3.0 per la creazione e pubblicazione peer-to-peer di contratti intelligenti (smart contracts) creati in un linguaggio di programmazione Turing-completo. 

Ethereum è diverso da Bitcoin in quanto consente di creare contratti intelligenti (smart contracts) che possono essere descritti come denaro digitale altamente programmabile.


Type Coin
Minable Si
Algorithm Ethash


Circolating 122.373.866
ToTal 122.373.866
Max 0


Block 15.495.511
Reward 2
Difficulty 12.361.409.030.478.352
Algorithm EtHash


# 1h 24h 7g 24h Vol Price
2 ETH +0,08 -1,28 -0,91 7.338,58M 1.542,70 EUR



Indicator Value Diff
open 1.570,05 EUR 0,00 EUR
close 1.564,94 EUR 0,00 EUR
high 1.588,68 EUR 0,00 EUR
low 1.557,67 EUR 0,00 EUR
SMA20 1.507,07 EUR 0,00 EUR
SMA50 1.344,15 EUR 0,00 EUR
SMA200 1.409,70 EUR 0,00 EUR
BB.upper 1.579,62 EUR 0,00 EUR
BB.lower 1.434,53 EUR 0,00 EUR
Recommend.MA 0,93 0,00
Recommend.Other -0,29 0,00
ADX 38,13 0,00
ADX-DI 11,83 0,00
AO 111,79 0,00
ATR 62,07 0,00
CCI20 156,41 0,00
MACD.macd 53,45 0,00
MACD.signal 56,38 0,00
Mom 42,01 0,00
RSI 64,50 0,00
Stoch.K 81,00 0,00
Stoch.D 75,70 0,00
15:10, 08 Feb 2023


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Ethereum Ethereum - tests

Published 24 Jan, 2023 Version Tests update 11.3: EIP tests, prepare to Shanghai
Release Note

The recent tests changes:

Introduces new folder EIPTests in GeneralStateTests that have tests for potential EIPS to be included in Shanghai Tests in EIPTests folders are not mandatory to pass and can contain errors or outdated specs. Those are early development stage tests that will be transformed into proper tests once the specs are finalized. This allows us to have coverage for future EIPs that not necesseraly implemented by all clients just yet.


The test process diagram: Reminder of a brand new web interface for test debugging: Tests stats on latest builds: (implement test RPC support or t8ntool protocol to apply for the page. Previous release link:

Test format

New test ID tracker system: /src/README.MD contains id tags that can be found in tests that cover the provided test vectors

Tests Fillers

new folder /src/GeneralStateTestsFiller/EIPTests new folder /src/GeneralStateTestsFiller/EIPTests/stEOF new folder /src/BlockchainTestsFiller/EIPTests

GeneralStateTests/BlockchainTests Filled

new folder GeneralStateTests/EIPTests new folder GeneralStateTests/EIPTests/stEOF new folder BlockchainTests/EIPTests new folder BlockchainTests/GeneralStateTests/EIPTests new folder BlockchainTests/GeneralStateTests/EIPTests/stEOF

Test Regeneration

Update all: Regenerate basefee bug in EIPTests PR Update EIPTests to latests specs PR PR

  • Documentation PR (Example of new debug options with retesteth) PR

  • Shanghai transition tests PR PR (switch to timestamp based)

  • **Shanghai Withdrawals tests ** PR (example) PR PR PR (basefee fix)

  • Rare bug with refund on Create OOG during deployment PR

  • Move fork+xxx EIP tests to a separate folder PR

  • EIP-3855 PUSH0 instruction tests PR

  • EIP-3860 Update tests to new specs PR (create/2 init code size) PR PR PR

  • EIP-3860 Transaction tests PR

  • Remove JUMP tests from EIP3540 PR PR (fix 3540 tests to updated specs) PR (EOF code deployment)

  • EOF contract deployment tests from ORI PR

  • EIP3670 tests PR

Upcoming changes:

EOFTest suite Implement malicious rlp tests in StateTest or BlockchainTest format (need more debugging with t8n) Besu retesteth RPC support (web vmtracing support) Random state test script

Ethereum Ethereum - tests

Published 21 Nov, 2022 Version Tests update 11.2: Potential EIPs

Ethereum Ethereum - go-ethereum

Published 03 Nov, 2022 Version Paravin (v1.10.26)

Ethereum Ethereum - go-ethereum

Published 15 Sep, 2022 Version Nemata (v1.10.25)



24h 24h Vol Price
BTC -1,61 23.717,33M 21.431,36 EUR
ETH -1,28 7.338,58M 1.542,70 EUR
USDT -0,71 36.913,89M 0,93 EUR
BNB -1,73 486,57M 306,09 EUR
USDC -0,71 3.421,06M 0,93 EUR
COCOS -1,38 10,29M 0,56 EUR
XRP -1,32 816,41M 0,37 EUR
BUSD -0,71 9.248,75M 0,93 EUR
ADA -1,15 346,78M 0,37 EUR
DOGE -2,91 443,18M 0,08 EUR
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The Bitcoin Standard
The Bitcoin Standard
by Saifedean Ammous Dec 06, 2020
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The Mystery Of Banking
The Mystery Of Banking
by Murray N. Rothbard Dec 06, 2019
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Mastering Bitcoin
Mastering Bitcoin
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Flash Boys
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Mind The Chart @ChartMind - 5 hours ago CryptoAI è un progetto AI su Ethereum che fornisce agli utenti bot Telegram. Il token nativo del progetto CryptoAI è $CAI, con una fornitura totale di 100 milioni di token.

  • 12
  • 0


Reward Block Difficulty
BTC 6 775590 39.350.942M
ETH 2 15495511 12.361.409.030M
UNO 0 1331510 368.211M
XMR 0 2817482 318.749M
BCH 6 779007 222.161M
LTC 12 2418983 24M
DASH 1 1818724 101M
ZEC 2 1976980 89M
ETC 3 16902510 1.663.987.287M
ZEN 3 1295289 30M
aggiornato 7 ore fa da