Digital Asset Investor @digitalassetbuy - 7 hours ago Now that the SEC / ETH vs. @ripple / XRP suit is coming to an end I think it's important to remind Congress and everyone else why an American company and XRP holders the SEC is supposed to protect have been harmed continuously for over two years. New day coming any time soon????

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Action Coin @actioncoin - 22 hours ago 630,000 ACTN GIVEAWAY @BSCGemsAlert wants to know who @Binance should list in 2023 .. 1). Show your support for $ACTN 2). Reply/comment here (not there) with your ACTN Native address and receive 2100 ACTN LIMITED TO THE FIRST 300 TWEETERS!

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XRPP @XRP_Productions - 21 hours ago Another rumor is going around that @coinbase is VERY close to relisting #XRP. Even though it is 100% believable and VERY likely in my mind, I refuse to tweet about it because it is still technically speculation. Retweet this if you also think it’s irresponsible to repeat.

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DS @XPunkDS - 10 hours ago There are rumors that #Visa and @Ripple are secretly working together because Visa has teamed up with at least four Ripple partners in recent years - Earthport, Dee Money, CurrencyCloud and Novatti. If confirmed, this would be huge!

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Digital Asset Investor @digitalassetbuy - 10 hours ago 45 Days and counting until the end of the SEC / ETH vs. @ripple / XRP case.

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TCC️ @TCryptochicks - 14 hours ago GM! Vacation time☀️ #FLOKI #BNB @binance

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Animoca Brands @animocabrands - 14 hours ago In this episode, our #tokenomics team is joined by the CEO of @0xPolygon, @sandeepnailwal. They discuss challenges in #blockchain & how #Polygon is solving scalability on @ethereum. Sandeep shares insights on #crypto's future & tips for new entrepreneurs

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Digital Asset Investor @digitalassetbuy - 8 hours ago Whistleblower AlertJoseph Lubin is bragging about his crypto lending products and the profits he thinks will be made from Ethereum. You sued @BlockFi @Nexo threatened @coinbase over lend product. Tied @ripple up in a suit for over two years. @garygensler @HesterPeirce

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Coinbase Assets @CoinbaseAssets - 7 hours ago Coinbase will add support for Voxies (VOXEL) on the Polygon network. Do not send this asset over other networks or your funds may be lost. Inbound transfers for this asset are available on @Coinbase & @CoinbaseExch in the regions where trading is supported.

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BSC Gems Alert @BSCGemsAlert - 14 hours ago @Coredao_Org Retweet if you want @binance list Coredao Follow our twitter @BSCGemsAlert #BSCGemsAlert

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Crypto Eri 220k+ Followers (Beware of Imposters) @sentosumosaba - 13 hours ago Every time I see @BrooksEntwistle SVP and MD @Ripple, I get this unbelievable craving for Singaporean Chicken rice. will happen to you too now.

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BSC News @BSCNews - 20 hours ago ✨Ready to learn about the charismatic leader of the influential #CEX? Do you know where @brian_armstrong studied? Or what he sees as the most important piece of technology? Check it out! @coinbase #COIN #DeFi #CEX

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CryptoBusy @CryptoBusy - 18 hours ago #Binance to distribute $5 million worth of #BNB to earthquake affected users. Each @binance users from Turkey's affected region will receive $100 in #BNB - Binance Charity HUGE MOVE by #BINANCE and @cz_binance

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BSC News @BSCNews - 7 hours ago Which are the 2 biggest exchanges with the most assets-backed reserves? @binance : $58.9B @bitfinex : $ 8B Check it out in our #ProofOfReserves section: #crypto #Cryptocurrencies #Web3

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BSC News @BSCNews - 7 hours ago The @EulerFinance community has voted YES to a proposal to expand from @Ethereum to @BNBCHAIN! How can the lending protocol enrich the chain's #DeFi ecosystem? Learn more @cz_binance @nycbrandonn $EUL

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BSC News @BSCNews - 9 hours ago Can @ethereum sustain the growth of #DeFi? Or will Layer-2 solutions swoop in to save the day? ⚡ Read the outlook from @ConsenSys that appeared on @CoinMarketCap! #BNB #Web3 #Binance #Crypto

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ZetaChain @zetablockchain - 9 hours ago 18/ ZetaChain’s omnichain smart contract platform looks and feels much like @Ethereum where a smart contract can be trusted to manage assets according to predetermined rules. Difference is an odApp can do this for any data/asset on any chain

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ZetaChain @zetablockchain - 9 hours ago 14/ ⚠️ The asynchronous nature of cross-chain messaging makes building more complex apps difficult (Stableswap DEX, lending, Etc.). Also, you rule out legacy chain connectivity (@Bitcoin, @dogecoin...) because you need to deploy a contract on every chain.

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ProCoinNews @ProCoinNews - 10 hours ago UPHOLD ALERT: Tezos (XTZ) is now a Tier 3 asset. Tier 3 = Cryptocurrencies and utility tokens to buy, hold, sell, deposit, withdraw and send, meaning that the users will now be able to make deposits and withdrawals from/to the Tezos Network. Thanks @UpholdInc!

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CoinDesk @CoinDesk - 10 hours ago Crypto exchange @Bitstamp has registered with French regulator @AMF_actu, securing recognition from one of the most sophisticated regimes in the EU. @jackschickler reports

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The Bitcoin Standard
The Bitcoin Standard
by Saifedean Ammous Dec 06, 2020
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The Mystery Of Banking
The Mystery Of Banking
by Murray N. Rothbard Dec 06, 2019
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Mastering Bitcoin
Mastering Bitcoin
by Andreas M. Antonopoulos Nov 12, 2020
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Flash Boys
Flash Boys
by Michael Lewis Nov 19, 2019
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Marco Costanza @marcocostanza_ - 3 hours ago 380.000 e rotti Satoshi sono stati ciò che abbiamo speso oggi per vivere 24 ore in Bitcoin qua a Roma. Siamo riusciti a: - Fare colazione - Lavorare in un co-working - Prendere una collana da un artista - Tagliarci i capelli - Fare aperitivo Quindi si, si può fare!

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Mind The Chart @ChartMind - 7 hours ago CryptoAI è un progetto AI su Ethereum che fornisce agli utenti bot Telegram. Il token nativo del progetto CryptoAI è $CAI, con una fornitura totale di 100 milioni di token.

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Mauro Caimi - Trading On @TradingonIt - 10 hours ago Servono altre parole? #Bitcoin #BTC

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theladyinfinance @ladyinfinance - 12 hours ago Persone che scrivono: “le CBDCs non potranno sostituire #Bitcoin” Grazie al ca**o direi anche, è come paragonare pasta e pizza

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NY Fed Research @NYFedResearch - 3 hours ago The Bitcoin-Macro Disconnect By Gianluca Benigno and Carlo Rosa >>>

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